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We're a local group of Christians meeting simply in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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We’d love to meet you.

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in the believer’s ear!


Our rotation of local and itinerant speakers provides a lot of variety. Check out some recent messages HERE.

And, if you want, here’s a link to some all-time favorites at  VOICES FOR CHRIST.


Our hallmark is our focus on the Love Feast—aka the Lord’s Supper. We dedicate an entire meeting to it every week.

We’re part of a movement that started around 1828, in which we model our assembly after the local church as it’s described in the New Testament. We keep it simple. Plurality of elders. Autonomy of the local gathering. Everyone using their Spiritual gifting for the benefit of all. No separated clergy.

We’re Bible-focused, historically-fundamental, and dispensational. And we believe the most authentic model for the church of the 21st Century is the church of the First Century. Ironic, huh?

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is to visit one of our meetings (services). Or you can give us a call at the number below. Leave a message and someone will get back with you.

350 Old Haw Creek Road
Asheville,, NC 28805

(828) 298-0328

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